1031 Exchange – Triple Net Lease

1031 NNN Lease For Tax Deferred Exchange

Real estate investors have various different options for their investment money. In addition to 1031 exchange and Tenants In Common opportunities, investors can participate in other direct real estate investments, such as:

  • Triple Net Lease Properties – NNN
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts – REITs
  • Diversified Funds and LLC
  • Direct Investment into Tenants In Common Properties (non-1031)

A Triple Net Lease is one in which the tenant pays all the ongoing operating expenses and the landlord receives a net rent. It is the tenant’s liability to pay all the property taxes, utilities, insurance premiums, maintenance and repairs of the real estate property. In some cases, the triple net tenant even pays the interest payments on the lessor’s mortgage on the property leased.

The rents are usually lower in Triple Net Leases than other forms of lease agreements. The Triple Net Form of Lease agreement is considered to be optimal for real estate investors since the expenses incurred on the investor are dramatically reduced due to the transference of financial responsibilities on the property from the investor/owner to the rentor/lessee.

Advantages of Triple Net Leased property:

  • The capital gains taxes can be deferred through a 1031 exchange.
  • Triple Net Leases require no or very little involvement of the landlords.
  • It is a liquid investment and has a high residual value.
  • There are no vacancy factors, tenant improvement costs, management fees, or leasing fees.
  • The Triple Net Lease Properties are usually in prime retail areas with excellent traffic counts and demographics.
  • The tenants usually sign a lease of 10-25 years, which lessens the worry of the tenant turnover.

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