The Right Attorney For the Job
Making sure that you have the right professional for the job at hand is the first and one of the most important tasks that you have in getting any job done right. When it comes to the legal profession, there’s no difference. Many people start by asking friends and relatives about attorneys that they have used. Whether you get a referral from a friend or try someone new, keep your opinions open to change. When researching legal representation it is important to ask all the right questions and get the right answers.

Here are some questions to think about…

Does the attorney charge for an initial interview and, if so, how much?
If your problem is routine, does the attorney have a standard fee? What does it cover?
If you have a more complicated matter, what is the attorney’s hourly fees?
Does the lawyer have a written agreement describing fees and services provided for the fees?
Has the attorney had experience with this type of problem before? How recently? How often? What was involved?
Will the attorney actually be working on my case? In what way?
Will any other persons be doing work on my case? What will they do?
Will the attorney allow you to make the final decision?